Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is coming!

Well, it has been about a month since last I posted --- and what a month! All the feasts I wrote of earlier, and of course Advent. The annual "Happy Holidays" struggle is underway, with, I am happy to report, more noise and thunder from the pro-Christmas side!

The Queem has received her Glastonbury Thorn flower, and the world is its usual screwy self. The new Archbishop of San Francisco is a classmate of Cardinal Mahony's, so supporters of the status quo should be able to breathe easier. Despite hopes for change, it looks like all will remain in its current antique state; so, Catholics everywhere, don't throw away those "Peter, Paul, and Mary" albums just yet.

The old year 2005 is tottering on to its death, and 2006 will arrive shortly. Where, indeed, are the snows of yesteryear?


Blogger willa_cather said...

well, Mr. Coloumbe, the snows come as they will; it's a good thing God is in controll of this seemingly sinking ship! It's also a happy rememberance to be in the staked plains, a land of myths and ghosts. I recently spent a night at the St. James in Cimarron, NM, and my kids swore to ghostly encounters, though I encountered none (however, I have stories of my own). It's nice to have this blog, do not give it up!

9:53 PM  
Blogger Charles A. Coulombe said...

Dear Willa:

I won't, but as I went to NMMI, I have a few staked plains stories of my own!


11:55 PM  

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